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Rotary Hook Clean & Lube Sample Kit


Step 1
Alba-Wash Hook Cleaner
  • Cleans rotary hook, knife and housing
  • Washes off dirt, threads & adhesives
  • Make thread flow Smoothly
  • Reduces thread breakage
Step 2
Big Shot Duster
  • Sprays powerful stream of dry air
  • Forces out dirt, dust and debris
  • Blows off cut thread pieces
  • Dries cleaned area instantly
Step 3
ALBA-5 Lubricant
  • Sprays one drop of oil at a time
  • Oil goes exactly where you want it
  • No excess oil is wasted
  • No stain causing drips


Kit Includes 1 can each: Alba-WASH, Big Shot Duster Spray and Alba-5 Lubricant

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