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CDS Diaph. Pumping System

CDS Diaph. Pumping System
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Requires compressed air
Item Number: 2083
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Albatross CDS Pumping System is a triple pump system for high volume screen printers. The CDS System pumps screen chemicals directly from 55-gallon drums. The drums can be stored away from the screen room as 50 of hose is supplied for each screen chemical. The pump box is made to be wall mounted. It contains 3 high quality Telfon pneumatic pumps. The pumps can be used to spray all types of screen chemicals including ink degrader, emulsion remover, haze/ghost remover and screen degreaser. The draw hoses and coil hoses running to the spray guns are color coded for easy identification of the chemicals being sprayed. CDS comes with a regulating gage and can be set up for use in minutes.