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Albatross Washout Booths

Albatross Washout Booths
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Albatross products are sold exclusively though our dealer network. Please fill out our form here and you will be contacted with information on where you can purchase this product.

Available Sizes: 36", 48", 60", & custom

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Albatross Washout Booths are designed to make screen cleaning safer and easier. They come in four standard sizes and unlimited custom sizes. All are constructed of 3/8" polypropylene with aluminum legs. Features include: *Resistant to all screen cleaning chemicals *Back lighting for maximum visibility *Metal base for stability *Made to accommodate RT-2000 Recirculation Tank *Includes screen holder and spray wand holder *Easy to clean and drain **Item# 2041 Also known as the Master Tank, is deeper (34") than our standard washout booths (24")to accomodate our Albatross Water Filtration System. All Booths can also be made out of Stainless Steel.