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Albatross USA, Inc. began manufacturing cleaning fluids for New York City’s garment industry in 1898. Now this third generation family owned company has expanded worldwide producing cleaning chemicals, adhesives, and lubricants for every phase of textile production.

From textile mills to apparel factories to screen printers and embroiderers; Albatross products have earned their reputation of high performance and cost effectiveness.

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2018 Trade Shows:

Long Beach, CA  8/18-8/19             Booth# TBA


Mexico City, MX 9/20-9/22             Booth w/Casa Diaz


Puebla, Mexico 10/2-10/5      Booth w/Casa Diaz


Las Vegas, NV 10/18-10/20      Booth # 2076


Lima, Peru 11/8-11/11       Booth w/Jaime Chavez







Albatross AlbaChem

Albatross-USA provides AlbaChem screen chemicals, Expert Spray Adhesive, Everblum household cleaners, SuperKleen Contact cleaning supplies, textile cleaning fluids and degreasers for commercial, industrial and household use. The Albatross and AlbaChem line up include:

Screen Printing Chemicals

The Albatross WTS Filtration System is a complete filtration system for removing all waste particles from the water simultaneously with cleaning and reclaiming screens. Albatross Screen Blasters pump water at high pressure to assist in screen cleaning and reclaiming. The Albatross EX-4000 is an excellent combination of high-quality and excellent value. It is perfect for apparel contractors, screen printers and other medium and high volume applications. Albachem Dri-Web is an instant drying "cob web" spray pattern adhesive. Dri-Web provides a very strong tack and is great for use in screen printing pallet applications. Albatross Safe-T-Tack is a non-flammable, non-V.O.C. water-based adhesive. It provides a long-lasting pressure sensitive tack for your screen printing pallets.

Mineral Oil Lubricant

A non-toxic, non-hazardous liquid, Albatross WISH Adhesive Pallet Cleaner breaks up dried water-based adhesive pallet adhesives quickly, without the toxic odors normally associated with strong solvent cleaners. Alba-5 Lubricant delivers a measured dose of mineral oil precisely where it is sprayed. Perfect for embroidery machines, sewing machines, and many other types of machinery. Albatross Lily White is a highly refined, narrow cut, non detergent mineral oil. It is ideal for sewing machines and other applications where the oil may come into contact with textiles. Albatross Crystal Clear is a water white mineral oil for lubricating sewing machines, parts, twister rings, circular hosiery knitting machines and double knitting machines. Alba 925 Water Soluble Oil is a highly refined, narrow-cut, non-detergent mineral oil which is emulsified so that it is soluble in water at all temperatures.

EverBlum Household Cleaners

EverBlum Special is a blend of the traditional chlorinated solvents (methylene chloride and perchloroethylene) with narrow cut hydrocarbons. The economical formula is fast-drying, does not contain any ozone-depleting substances, nor does it require any flammability labeling. EverBlum Special can remove virtually all oil-based stains for all types of textiles. Expert Worldwide SK removes difficult stains that occur in the manufacturing and processing of textiles. Everblum Premium 303 is the most powerful cured ink remover manufactured. It is made for all screen print applications. The ultra fast-drying formula removes ink marks quickly and does not spread. This reduces chances of ink bleeding around the cleaned area.

Super-EX Cleaner

Super-EX is the best cleaner for removing stains on mattresses, upholstery, furniture and clothing. Super-EX removes oil, grease, dirt and cosmetic stains and is very effective on tough stains, dries fast, and does not leave any odor or residue on the fabric. Albatross Coffee Remover is a powerful, non-flammable cleaner which removes coffee, tea, soft-drinks, dye, grass, mustard, liquor and other food stains. The best-kept household secret for expert cleaning of all fine fabrics, EverBlum® is now packaged in an aerosol can for easy application. Simply spray on the fabric and wipe away the stain. EverBlum Cleaning Fluid is fantastic for clothing, drapery, carpets, handbags, fabric shoes, upholstered furniture and more. Quickly removes oil, grease, pencil, chalk, dirt, crayon, adhesive, cosmetic and food stains from every dry clean fabric. Gives professional results while saving time and money.

SuperKleen Cleaners

Superkleen Contact Cleaner is Non-Flammable, Low-Odor, and Plastic Safe. An excellent Precision and Electronic Cleaner that instantly removes dirt, grease, oil and other contaminants. Dries quickly and leaves no residue. Unlike many other products Superkleen Contact Cleaner is safe for use on live equipment.

Industrial Spot Cleaners

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